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— Gu Family Book Quote Collections

“I’m not afraid of the future that hasn’t happened yet. If I change now because of my future, what’s the point of living in the present?”

“Don’t be afraid of what you chose. The moment you lose yourself in fear you will lose everything.”

“Without knowing his true essence, a man cannot truly know himself. Once you find out what your essence is, you’ll also appreciate who you are for real.”

“The weight of trust is the weight of one’s relationship. If you want to get be trusted, first learn how to get along with others.”

“Don’t feel guilty about things that aren’t even your fault. Otherwise, your heart will be overburdened.”

“There are no evil people in this world. That there are just bad situations.”

“The first love helps one grow up, and the last love completes the person.”

“The opposite of trust is not doubt. It is fear.”

“Life is not always sweet. It can be bitter and spicy at times, too.”

“I’ve seen numerous people born as humans, but act less than animals. What makes you human is not your birth, but what you hold dear in your heart.”

“Jealousy is for people who don’t have something”

“Human beings having such a weak and foolish existence they never realize the value of something until it’s been lost.”

“People are much weaker than you think. Because of that weakness, they sometimes become cruel.”

“The one you love the most are always the ones that hurt you the most.”

“I never hated you… I just missed you. I never resented you… I just loved you so much. I love you”

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"The heavens decide on human fate. Humans just try their best at what they believe to be right."
-Admiral Lee Sunshin (이순신), from Gu Family Book (구가의서). (via thisbeautifulstranger)

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